Amsterdam is a fascinating city with many interesting places to visit.

The writer has been organising tours to Amsterdam since 1973.... and he remembers the first tour....


Dam Square with the Royal Palace.

 We offer visits to Amsterdam for any duration.

It can be one centre..  AMSTERDAM ONLY

  • meet and greet at airport
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  • 1, 2 or 3 nights hotel..  or more...
  • local city tour
  • transfer to airport or station for onward travel
  • sightseeing tours to places of interest, such as Volendam, Marken & Zaanse Schans


For FIT clients, we can arrange multi centre tours, with rail travel on Thalys Express Trains


For groups, we offer luxury coaches of various sizes and experienced guides.


We can offer any combination for your clients

Where should you stay in Amsterdam?

Location is really important
There are literally hotels in almost every corner of the city of Amsterdam. The greater metro area is quite large, but the center of the city, which is where everything visitors care about is located, is rather compact.

To make things even a bit trickier there are basically three ideal areas of central Amsterdam that are each loaded with hotels and also many restaurants, bars, cafes, coffeeshops, clubs, shopping spots and everything else the visitor prefers to be near. And there are many other areas of Amsterdam that are quite residential and perhaps a 10-minute walk to the fun areas. During peak season you might have to book into a distant hotel, but if possible youíll really enjoy your visit more if you choose which of the three areas listed below is best for you and find a place right in that area.

Amsterdam Centraal Station

There are three main areas for hotels

  • Centraal Station

  • Rembrandtplein area

  • Leidseplein district 




Centraal Station

From a hotel standpoint, this is a huge area, although you can walk from one end to the other in around 10 minutes. More than half the hotels and hostels in Amsterdam are grouped together in this area, and they range from the cheap hostels  up to luxurious 5* hotels

The Shopping District Ė If you veer slightly to the right out of Centraal Station youíll soon come to Kalverstraat, which is a long pedestrian-only street that runs all the way through Dam Square about a kilometer away. There is a whole maze of alleys in this area as well, and almost all of it is packed with retail shopping, but there are loads of hotels tucked into all different parts of this area too.

Rembrandtplein Ė Amsterdamís glamorous district

Of the three main hotel districts in Amsterdam, Rembrandtplein is a stand out in a few important ways. It is generally much nicer than the area around Centraal Station, and the location is central to virtually everything of interest to visitors of Amsterdam.

Rembrandtplein (plein means ďsquareĒ or ďplazaĒ in Dutch, so this is Rembrandt Square) is about a 15-minute walk from Centraal Station itself,

There are only a few hotels on the square itself, but within a few hundred meters in any direction there are many, many more. When searching Amsterdam hotel listings youíll find loads of establishments that boast about their closeness to Rembrandtplein, and any of them that are within a 5-minute walk or so will share a great overall location, even if they are spread around the district a bit.

If you will only be in Amsterdam for one night you might be best off staying near Centraal Station for the convenience, but for two nights and up youíll find that Rembrandtplein is the most central area in the city. The popular sights are spread out from the train station area with a high concentration near Leidseplein, and all of them are a fairly short walk from this key area in the center.

Reasons to stay near Rembrandtplein
  • A reasonably short walk, and a shorter tram ride, to literally everything in the city
  • The best concentration of nightlife and upscale clubs, but several rowdy places as well
  • Cleaner and safer than most of the Centraal Station area
  • Less remote than the Leidseplein/Museum district hotel area
  • Many coffeeshops in the area, far more than Leidseplein
  • Main pedestrian shopping district leads right into the square
  • Plenty of all kinds of restaurants throughout the area, including several cheap and late fast food options


Amsterdam Leidseplein   Amsterdam hotel

Leidseplein isnít quite as fancy as Rembrandtplein, but itís much more up-market than most of the things near Centraal Station. The centerpiece of Leidseplein is the square itself (plein means square or plaza, in Dutch). Itís nothing but a big slab of concrete in this case, but itís almost always crammed with tourists, locals, street entertainers and such. There are several famous cafes, bars, and coffeeshops facing the square, and in summer the wicker chairs spread to cover almost the entire plaza in true grand cafť style. But things get even more interesting just off the main square. There are literally over 100 restaurants within a couple hundred meters of the center. Down these side streets is one of the densest collections of walled eateries in the entire world. And better still, there are cuisines represented from all over the globe.

This area just south of Leidseplein is also next to the Museum District and the northern entrance to the lovely Vondelpark.

  • Close to all the museums, Vondelpark, Heineken Brewery, Albert Cuyp Market
  • Endless eating, drinking, and nightlife opportunities
  • Almost all the streets where the hotels are located are very quiet
  • Upscale boutique shopping nearby
  • Cleaner and less rowdy than near Centraal Station
  • More family friendly than the other areas
  • And yet still, several of Amsterdamís better coffeeshops are in this area
We can arrange accommodation in many types. Apartments, Apartotels, and hotels.

Our in-depth knowledge of Amsterdam means that we have a wide portfolio of accommodation across the city and nearby towns enabling us to advise you on which locations and hotels may best suit your tour.   We have choices for every budget ranging from 3 star Apartments or Apartotels -  right through to 5* deluxe hotels. 


As part of your tour we will organise all your transfers during your stay in Amsterdam. This includes   transfers to and from the airport,  and tours of the city and other interesting places. We only work      with the safest and most reliable transport companies whose vehicles and buses are highly equipped to provide you team with maximum comfort, security and safety throughout your tour.

Amsterdam is one of the best cities in the world for culture and museums. Below is a selection of some of the many interesting places to visit.


Art museums


The Rijksmuseum is magnificent...  allow 3 hours or more if you can.

Rembrandtís ĎThe Nightwatchí is the most famous piece in the Rijksmuseum.
>>more information on the Rijksmuseum

Visitors at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam Amsterdam city break guide
Van Gogh Museum
Amsterdam city break guide
Internationally speaking, this museum is even more famous than the larger Rijksmuseum, mostly due to the name recognition of the troubled artist whose paintings and drawings fill most of this place. In addition to a large collection of Van Goghs, there are works by some of his contemporaries on display here. This place is popular, so come early and/or prepare to wait in line.

More of the tortured artistís paintings and drawings are collected here than anywhere in the world, from The Potato Eaters, through Sunflowers, to Wheatfield with Crows. There are over 200 paintings in all, plus many more drawings, letters, and works by others that inspired him. The imaginative special exhibitions here often top the list of whatís on in town , as they are fed not only by an enormous archive, but also often with prized works from other collections around the world, thanks to the Van Gogh Museum's top-rank trading potential. Pre-book online to avoid long entrance queues.

Van Gogh Museum is a short walk from Rijksmuseum

Rembrandt House
The former house where Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn lived, worked, and sold his paintings during the middle of the 1600s. Itís fairly small but very nicely done. Its location is very central, but you donít even know itís there unless you are looking for it. It contains great art as well as authentic period furnishings and decorations, so itís actually the best museum to visit for those who want just a bit of culture mixed with their Amsterdam visit. Amsterdam city break guide
Stedelijk Museum
Amsterdamís finest modern art museum Amsterdam city break guide
Historical museums

Het Anne Frank Huis aan de Prinsengracht. The Anne Frank House at the Prinsengracht.

Anne Frank's House

this is the former home where the Frank family and others hid for a couple years during WWII, and where Anne wrote her famous diary. You get to see the actual attic, but there is also an adjacent museum that helps tell the whole story for those who havenít read the book, as well as more displays on discrimination and persecution.

The original house has been expanded to the building next door. The neighborhood is very pretty with Westerkerk church nearby. Take line 13, 14, or 17 to Westermarkt stop from Centraal. Entry Ä9.00  January 2015

Amsterdam Historical Museum

This large and comprehensive museum has hundreds of items and displays that relate to the entire history of Amsterdam. If you are even a little interested in this subject, this place wonít disappoint. But itís a bit hard to grasp unless you are a true history buff or a big fan of the city already.

Oude Kerk (Old Church)

This is really more of a church than a museum, but itís a very popular attraction that should be considered by real culture vultures. Those who enjoy historic cathedrals should really enjoy a visit, though itís not well suited to those who arenít because itís a bit rough on the inside and itís not very large or spectacular from any angle.

Nieuew Kerk (New Church)

The ďNew ChurchĒ is almost as old as the Old Church, and itís much nicer and grander inside. In addition to being a cathedral that you can tour, the city has revolving exhibitions inside this place, most of which have nothing to do with religion. Itís very impressive, and if the exhibition on at the moment appeals to you then itís definitely worth a visit.

Lights on the bridges at night on the Keizersgracht canal in Amsterdam, Holland Amsterdam city break guide
There are 5 operators of Amsterdam Canal Cruises. They all have departure points close to Damrak and Central Station.

There are short 1 hour cruises which show the harbour as well as some of the historic canals.

This terrific one hour cruise is the ultimate ''don't miss out'' experience in Amsterdam boating. Cruise along our capital's principal canals and enjoy the wonderful views of Amsterdam's most beautiful canal belt, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Observe the city's gracious 17th century gabled merchants' houses, the numerous baroque churches, and the enchanting bridges. You will also sail around the Central Station to get a view of the city from our original harbor.

There are tours which combine the canal cruise with  coach tour of Amsterdam.

It is also possible to get a special day ticket which allows visitors to use the canal boats as a way of seeing the city... like a Hop on Hop off ticket..  They have stops close to the Rijksmuseum.


There are different cruises
  • 1 hour for visitors who only have a short time
  • full day Amsterdam Canal Hop On Hop Off

Some Amsterdam City tours include a Canal Cruise PLUS sightseeing tour by bus or coach.

We can arrange any combination of tours.

Mint Tower

Beurs van Berlage, the former Stock Exchange of Amsterdam

Dam Square


Zaanse Schans is a small village on the banks of the Zaan river. There are real working windmills. There are places wheree you can see the making of clogs and antique clocks.
Tours to Zaanse Schans usually include     Volendam and Marken, two picturesque towns

FULL DAY - Combined tours of Amsterdam City with Marken & Volendam.

You will see by luxurious coach, the old and new parts of this beautiful city with its many historical buildings and interesting sights. For example you will get to know the Royal Palace, the National Monument, the Skinny Bridge, the Albert Cuyp market and the beautiful houses along the canals. We will also visit a windmill on the river Amstel and a stop will be made at a diamond factory where you will see the traditional way of polishing.

In the afternoon the tour goes Marken, Volendam and the windmills.

This tour shows the typical Dutch countryside of polders and little canals on the way to the  ' Zaanse schans', a well - known windmill village with many interesting windmills. We will be visiting a wooden shoemaker here. Then we move on to the world-famous fishing villages of Volendam and Marken - on the coast of the former Zuiderzee (now called Ijselmeer), with itsí wooden houses and locals wearing their national costumes. On the way, we will stop at one of the very few cheese farms, where the cheese is still made in the traditional way*.

Duration: 9 hours


Keukenhof, the Flower of Holland

open from March 20 to May 17, 2015

Keukenhof is a historic park filled with blooming tulips, hyacinth, daffodils and other spring bulbs and flowers.

Keukenhof is about 1 hour by coach from central Amsterdam.

There are different types of tours...  and it depends on how much time you have for the visit.

It is best to allow at least 3 hours in Keukenhof... 

We can arrange any of the following

SEAT IN COACH TOUR - departure points are in DAMRAK


This private tour takes you through the flower fields in the direction of the Keukenhof, the world's largest flower garden. Inside the Keukenhof gardens there will be plenty of time to admire this beautiful internationally renowned display of all sorts of flowers in a relaxed way.

There are about seven million different bulbs planted each year, including a wide variety of tulips, hyacinths, orchids, daffodils, lilies and crocuses. Especially the tulip displays are breathtaking; there are more than 700 different varieties.

The Keukenhof is visited by almost 1 million visitors per year and is the most photographed spot in the world 

Whisper boat trips around Keukenhof

Relax as you enjoy the peace and quiet of the endless bulb fields around Keukenhof in an electrically-propelled whisper boat. Environmentally-friendly, these boats travel through the beautiful Dutch landscape in virtual silence. The electric boats are specially suited for navigating the narrow and shallow canals in the area. The boat trip takes 45 minutes. Spectacular photos are guaranteed!





Full day tour

combine visit to Keukenhof with a visit to the city of Den Haag and Madurodam... 


Madurodam is a park where they build the Netherlands in miniature. Canals, tasteful house fronts, and other typical Dutch scenes. You will find everything that is famous about Holland in the park but on a scale of 1:25. Madurodam is the smallest city of the Netherlands.

We can arrange tours to Amsterdam for any duration.

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