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December 2016

We have 40 years experience in

European travel & tourism.

We offer services for groups & FIT clients.

  We are a small but specialized travel business catering to business and group travel, particularly between Europe and Malaysia - in both directions. Our staff has been involved in the travel business for over four decades, and we are well acquainted with both the travel facilities in United Kingdom, Europe and Malaysia. Our staff has handled arrangements for clients of all kinds travelling from Europe to Malaysia and from Malaysia to Europe. We understand the travel needs of the leisure and business clients in both regions.
Business visits to Europe We offer special services for Malaysian companies travelling to Europe for trade missions, Exhibitions.

We use our 40 years experience and knowledge to find the most suitable hotel.

We have logistics partners to ensure smooth transport to and from airports or stations.

We have handled multi country business tours for Malaysian government linked companies.


Family holidays  

We use our 40 years experience and knowledge to find the most suitable hotel.

There are many poor hotels in European cities and we check very carefully before we will offer any hotel.

It may not be the cheapest... it is so important to consider that most cities are large...transport by private car or taxi is much more expensive... and some people are not confident about using public transport in cities which they do not know

Itinerary planning We use our extensive knowledge to organise tours up to 15 days staying in several countries.

We have done this for senior executives from several companies in Malaysia.

These include

  • Malaysian government telcomms delegation to meet government officials in UK, Estonia, Finland and Italy 
  • retirement allowances for company executives.
  • holiday bonus schemes
  • Petronas senior managers on annual  holiday
  • We have also arranged extensive European tours for Malaysian judge and family.
Switzerland, Italy, Austria and Czech RepublicMount Titlis Schonbrunn Palace
Group & Incentive Travel Special planned itineraries which can be for one or more countries. Potential clients include
  • Insurance companies rewarding their top sellers.
  • Prize winners on media related competitions
  • groups and associations. 
  • For group tours we can offer services starting in all cities served by Malaysian Airlines - and all the other airlines such as Emirates, Qatar, Etihad, KLM and Air France

    We can also handle tours arriving in any European airport and leaving from another airport. A combination of countries is possible.


special interest tour for Interior Designers to Vienna and Prague

Hofburg with horse-drawn carriage Charles Bridge




incentive tours Company incentive tours for staff and families

We have handled groups of staff and families - up to 80 persons - in Europe. Ideal destinations for this include London as well as London and Paris Twin Centre.

London  hotels or apartments for all families

  • London sightseeing
  • Visit to Stratford upon Avon and Warwick Castle
  • Fish and Chips meal
  • Halal restaurants


  Golf Tours of Great Britain

We can handle golf tours to Scotland.

Play at Gleneagles, host of the 2014 RYDER CUP and combine it with a round at St Andrews, home of the OLD COURSE

We also offer  the Open Tour where we can arrange golf at up to 4 of the courses where the British Open takes place.

Muslim tours of Spain. Muslim tours of Spain... 

We can handle special muslim tours to Europe. Visits include a choice from Granada, Cordoba and Seville.  Tours can start in Barcelona and end in Madrid - or start in Madrid and end in Barcelona.

Special Spain tours to include halal meals and places linked to the the period when Islamic influence was at its strongest

Cordoba Day Tour



Muslim tours of Spain for Middle East guests We offer a ground tour for Saudi Arabian guests.

Direct flights from Jeddah to Madrid and return.


Private transfers - private tours - flights - train and 4 star hotels in the city centre

This link shows a tour to Spain for the Al-Hamed family from Jeddah in July 2014.


Special tours for muslim tourists UK and Paris tour which we operated during Ramadan.

Sunset in Scotland at 10 pm nightly....

Manchester - Glasgow - Loch Lomond- Loch Ness -Inverness - Edinburgh + Paris

Arrangements were made in all hotels for sahur...  

UK tours for groups UK tours for groups

We can arrange a tour for any duration from 2 days to 20 days. Arrival can be at any UK airport or port and departing from any UK airport or port.


UK tour for Singapore group. Manchester - Liverpool - Glasgow - Edinburgh - London

Special tour for Singapore group started in Manchester, then visited Liverpool & Blackpool. Visit to Scotland's major cities, Glasgow- & Edinburgh. Visit to the superb scenery of Loch Lomond and on to Stirling Castle .. where  you can see monument to William Wallace.. the real Braveheart. Overnight in Edinburgh. London for 4 days.... seeing all the major sights. 

London apartments We offer apartments in many parts of London.

Lancaster Gate and Bayswater are popular areas.


We also offer apartments 
  • Mayfair
  • Belgravia
  • Knightsbridge
  • South Kensington

Europe Free and Easy - many combinations are possible

  • Special Free & Easy Citypaks
  • transfers from airport to hotel and return
  • 2 or 3 nights accommodation - we offer hotels from 3 star to 5 star deluxe in most cities.

Frankfurt London Paris


link to our Amsterdam introduction.. Hotels, tiurs and more...


Italy introduction

We have excellent knowledge of the cities and scenic areas of Italy. We offer a wide variety of services

One centre in Italy's major cities
Rome Venice
Milan Florence
Twin Centre 2 nights in each city
Rome and Florence Rome and Venice
Rome and Milan  
Three Centre with 2 nights in each city
Rome, Florence and Venice
Rome, Milan and Venice
Rome, Florence and Milan
Four Centre
Rome, Florence, Venice and Milan

Italy and Spain   Amazing Europe
An excellent combination of Italy and Spain 
choose any combination
combined with

Please send email with your preferred choices and we will create a special tour just for you

MAP OF EUROPE  link to see map of Europe.

We can offer services in all European countries.

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